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Is This Real Life Or Instagram?

Real Life Or Instagram

Real Life Or Instagram

It’s a topic I feel that’s on everyones lips, ‘what’s even real online anymore?’ We’re bombarded with beautiful images of so-called ‘perfect lives’ from people all over the world. May I highlight the fact that it truly is ‘so-called’ perfect. Oddly enough while wondering the streets of Paris, I found myself trying to get the perfect insta pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love photography and believe it’s a beautiful art. However, what I realised was that I wanted the images to prove on instagram that all was well &… ‘so-called perfect’ in my life, when really it wasn’t.

That’s when I realised how dangerous the online world is. I love Instagram and I can’t imagine not wanting to create a gorgeous feed but, I’d prefer be honest about it. For example, behind one of these images I was nearly knocked down by a car and hopped so far into the air with fright that I nearly died laughing after. Heads up, it was the image outside of Gossip Girls very own, Café de Flore.

You might be thinking, how has it taken you this long to realise all this? And so right you should be, it is quite obvious the what you see online is NOT REAL LIFE. It’s with a broken heart that my view on why I was posting those images really changed. It’s the unexpected life changes that make you really see black from white. 

So, should we just give up on the aul Instagram? Personally, I don’t that I will be. At the end of the day it’s like an open book of beautiful images… even if they’re meticulously posed and created. What I’m planning on doing is just being myself and down-right honest on the gram. Forget the fake ‘I wake up like this’ and hello to the ‘this image contains 3 ring lights and a tube of concealer to make me look awake’ captions. 

PinkSars is making her 1274830 comeback but it’s with a very good intention this time. Get ready for gorgeous pictures but with a lot more truth. If you’re not already following me on social media, click here.

Real Life Or InstagramReal Life Or InstagramReal Life Or InstagramReal Life Or InstagramReal life or Instagram

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Red Dress – PLT
Pink Jumper – Topshop
Skirt – Zara

Photographer – Mary O’Sullivan

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